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Phase 1 Project Description

The Green Line Extension Project wanted to inform you of upcoming Phase 1 project work on both Winchester Place and Winchester Street in Medford.

Starting on Monday, October 19th Winchester Place in Medford will be under construction by the GLX Phase 1 Contractor, Barletta Heavy Division, Inc., to remove the existing pavement and prepare the sub-base for new pavement which will follow this work at a date later this fall that has not yet been established. Removal of the pavement and preparation of the sub-base should last one week.

Parking: Cars on Winchester Place should be moved to Winchester Street. Alternate parking is also available in the public parking lot off of Morton Ave behind Tufts field.

Also during this week the contractor will be milling Winchester Street and Winchester Court. There will be no parking on these streets the day of the milling. Residents will receive 24 hour notice before the parking ban. [Update: This work has been scheduled for Monday, October 26].

Starting on October 26 the contractor will begin excavating the existing pavement on the west side of Winchester Street from Granville Avenue to 50 feet north of Winchester Place. Traffic on Winchester Street will be one lane only heading north to south at this work zone. It is anticipated this work will take two weeks to complete. There will also be some additional excavation of pavement at the intersection of Winchester Street and Winchester Court that will last approximately four days.

Southbound Detour:

  • traffic is diverted either from Broadway towards Medford Street then to Harvard Street
  • or Broadway to Boston Avenue to Harvard Street.

Winchester Street Traffic Plan

Parking: There will be no parking on Winchester Street from Granville Avenue to Marion Street during this time

Starting on Starting November 2nd for approximately three weeks, Harvard Street in Medford will be reduced to single lane traffic from Main Street to Boston Avenue. Traffic will be one way - westbound towards Boston Avenue only.

Eastbound Detour:

  • traffic is diverted either from Boston Avenue to Broadway to Medford Street
  • or Boston Avenue to College Avenue to George Street to Main Street.

Harvard Street Traffic Plan

This is expected to be an around-the-clock lane closure, although there could be a period of time during which the closure is not in effect. One sidewalk will remain open during this work for pedestrian traffic.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. This work is an important step in bringing the Green Line to Medford. As always, if you have any questions, you can email us at or contact the Green Line Extension Project field office at 781-874-1868

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