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MA DEP Special Project Status for GLX Project

As part of the initial planning and design of the GLX project, the MBTA has performed soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells along the corridor as well as on the properties to be acquired. The purpose of these borings is to determine the structural capabilities of the soil as well as their environmental conditions. Any soil boring on MBTA properties which identifies a level of contamination that exceeds the Reportable Concentration (RC's) limits as defined by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is reported to the DEP. That information is than tracked by the DEP in its database.

Each reportable condition is assigned a Release Tracking Number (RTN) which is a used to identify each site. For the GLX project, the MBTA has applied for and received a Special Project Status for the project so that all of the sites along the entire corridor can be easily tracked under one number. The RTN for the GLX is 3-30620. By entering that number into the DEP database, you will be taken to the GLX sites.

The DEP database can be found at

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